Taco Bell Will Give Away Tacos For Every Stolen Base in the World Series

If you don't like baseball (being a Twins fan can do that to a person), you might still be rooting for base thievery during the World Series because Taco Bell (my spirit animal) will give away a taco for every stolen base. I'm not sure how the remaining teams are with stolen bases this year (no Twins and no TV), but I'm hoping they steal A LOT OF BASES!!

Source: Delish

Doritos Lead Giant Pig Back Home

Doritos are great. Generic Doritos are fine. But who knew that a giant pig would have such discerning taste in snack chips?

This pig was on the loose in San Bernadino, California, when law enforcement had to get creative to lure the porker back home. Yes, they left a Doritos trail. Yes, it worked.

Yes, it would work on me.

Source: Fox News

Man Moves In Next to Restaurant, Then Complains About the Garlic Smell

Personally, I LOVE garlic! It may have lead to my divorce. But garlic is life.

It also doesn't hurt to know what you're getting into when you move to a new place.

Meet British jerk Richard Evans. He moved next door to a restaurant called Duets. Restaurants have a smell to them (Eau de delicious!), and it's hard to not realize this unless you're a jerk/idiot. Evans calls the smell "pollution".

Source: Metro

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