If there is any way to avoid human interaction, someone is gonna think of it.


Is getting pizza delivered too personal for you? Does the thought of driving up to a window or walking into an establishment and talking to a human being give you the heebee jeebees? Little Caesar's has got your back, brah!

Introducing: the Pizza Portal. Sounds like a delicious video game popular amongst teenagers that want to let you know what your mom was up to last night, but it's not.

It's the latest way for you to avoid human interaction in the name of scarfing down some 'zza.

According to Food Beast, the Pizza Portal is, "...essentially a self-heated locker that lets customers roll through a location and pick up a mobile order without ever having to speak to anyone."

That's right! You order and pay with the Little Caesar's mobile app, then pick up that pizza without having to go through the arduous process of talking to someone.

And no worries about someone stealing your 'zza: you get a PIN or QR Code specific to your order, so that only YOU (or that friend that can actually deal with being in the vicinity of people) can unlock.


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