I'm not sure how to feel about this...besides hunger and curiosity?


Mac and cheese is magical. Are the kids hungry? Mac and cheese. Broke bachelor? Mac and cheese. Side dish or main course, mac and cheese gets the job done.

But mac and cheese dessert? Go on...

Mac and cheese holiday treat? Go on-er...

A Seattle store has made mac and cheese festive by turning it into candy canes.

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Archie McPhee is at it again giving us crazy Candy Cane flavors. Last year I tried their Rotisserie Chicken flavor and .. it was an experience. ( It’s available this year too if you’re feeling brave ). This year they have 2 new varieties .. here’s one of them- Mac & Cheese flavored Candy Canes. This one isn’t bad! Smells like cheese and tastes like Mac n cheese but the sweetness overpowers the flavor eventually so it’s doable. I might not be so brave when I try the next one.. . PURCHASED ONLINE. @archiemcphee #archiemcphee #archiemcpheecandycanes #archiemcpheemacandcheesecandycanes #macandcheese #macandcheesecandycanes #accoutrements #extracheesy #cheese #cheesy #cheesycandy #junkfood

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...I'm listening...

"Smells like cheese" is usually a red flag if it's describing something that isn't cheese. I really don't mind giving this one a pass until I actually try it. At slightly less than five bucks for a six pack, it's at least a doable quest.

There's also pickle, bacon, rotisserie chicken, gravy...and CLAM flavors. Bacon & chicken pique my interest...but clam? Nope. No no no nope. Gross.

H/T: Delish and McPhee.com

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