Marijuana legalization is spreading across the country, and whether you support it or not, I bet you didn't think it'd be used for this.


There's 'recreational' pot, and then there's 'culinary' pot.

A restaurant in Maine is getting lobsters stoned before boiling them, calling it the humane thing to do. They also found the lobsters, "...much calmer and less aggressive..."

Question: will eating the stoned lobsters give you the munchies?

Entrants To The Harrogate Flower Show Giant Vegetable Competition Prepare Their Produce
"Just gonna go sandblast this lettuce clean!" (Getty Images)

Stupid people doing stupid things for attention on YouTube.

A Manassas (yes, that's the perfect city for this to happen), Virginia man went to his local grocer, decided to get grosser, dropped his pants in the produce aisle, and proceeded to take the products and rub them on his bare buttocks.

The store had to throw out a few pallets of product because of the incident, and the idiot has been charged with destruction of property and indecent exposure.

Is that really worth some YouTube clicks?

McDonald's To Alter Dollar Menu With Higher Priced Items
One of these things is no longer like the others (Getty Images)

Have you ever rioted for apple pie? Crazy McDonald's customers want to riot because McD's changed their famed apple pies in the name of making them 'healthier.'

The change triggering the anger involves the crust: instead of the slotted-top, they're switching to a latticed-top. Instead of cinnamon and sugar, they're opting for just sugar, with the entire pie have an overall lower sugar content.

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