A Chicago Taco Bell Will Receive an Irish Wake (Glub Glub)

It's always sad when a favorite local restaurant has to permanently close its doors. The memories, the atmosphere, the food...it's hard to replace that.

And then there's Wrigleyville (Chicago).

A beloved Taco Bell will close at the end of October to make way for a "three-story retail structure." The dedicated patrons plan to give it an Irish Wake as a loving send-off. If you're not familiar with Irish Wakes, they're like a funeral...but with whiskey, singing, laughter, crying, and stories of the deceased. It's what I want for my funeral, and the fact that a Taco Bell is getting one only reinforces that sentiment. There's a Facebook event for the wake if you're interested in partaking.

Source: Fox News


Road Closed Due to Chickens Spilling Their Guts

There's spilling your guts to a confidant, and then there's spilling guts on a road.

Merry ol' UK got merry ol' gross AF when a truck spilled 40 TONS of chicken guts on a major road. Click through for pictures, if you dare.

Source: Fox News (WTF, Fox?!)

School Chef Makes Kangaroo Chili, Gets Fired After Kids Get Sick

When you run out of beef and you're trying to come up with a filler for your chili, how exotic do you get? I usually go with more beans. A Nebraska school cook (the head cook, nonetheless) needed filler for chili and went with Kangaroo meat.


The cook didn't bother telling anyone until after some kids got sick. The 'roo meat was USDA safe and all, but the school district has had to assure parents and students that exotic meat like this won't be part of school lunches anymore.


Boxing Kangaroo
The loser is lunch! Literally! (Getty Images)

Source: NCN 21

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