There have been so many shows that have been coming through the area since the pandemic.  Before 2020, or actually that year, it seems like EVERYONE was planning on touring.  Then we all know what happened.  NOTHING.

But, bands used those two years to plan for tours after we emerged out of that situation.  And a lot of them were writing music, and planning shows, etc.

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Now, we get to see and hear the result of those efforts.

This time it's the Foo Fighters!  And they aren't coming alone.  They will be bringing along the Pretenders and L7.  Where is this shindig going to take place?  Target Field next July 28th.  And guess what?  You have a chance to win some tickets to the show before they even go on sale!!

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale this coming Friday, October 6th at 10am.  Of course, that is subject to change, but as of right now, that's the day for the on sale.  If you would like the pre-sale tickets, that will happen the day before, Thursday, October 5th with a special code that we will give you a little closer to the time of the pre- sale.

Details on how to win a pair of tickets to this show before they go on sale will be announced this week. LIsten to the morning show to find out how to win.  And we will also give you all the info on how to buy them too.

Now, let's just hope for great weather for the day of the show.

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