LITTLE FALLS -- It's been almost a year-and-a-half since the death of a Little Falls man who was shot and killed while hunting on his parents property. This is an update on where the investigation is at.

Back in November of last year Morrison County authorities made a huge discovery in the death investigation of 41-year-old Terrence Brisk. The Winchester Model 30-30 lever action rifle authorities were looking for was found.


Morrison County Sheriff Shawn Larsen says the rifle belonged to Brisk and was also used to kill him.

Since the weapon was found, things have gone quiet from a law enforcement standpoint. At a Morrison County Board of Commissioners meeting last month, Larsen says the FBI was brought in to help provide assistance in the investigation.

"The FBI is going to be another set of eyes for us. We did an all day overview of the case with them. Caught them up to speed and of course utilizing some of their resources as well."

Larsen says he can't comment any further on the developments, but says the case remains active and their office continues to notify the family of any updates.

Brisk's body was found on November 7th 2016, on his parents property northwest of Hawthorne Road and Jewel Road in Belle Prairie Township, east of Little Falls.

A reward of up to $30,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person who killed Brisk.

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