Earlier this week the Foley Police Department shared a warning to the public about fake Publishers Clearing House scam calls being made:

Chief Katie received a call from an individual stating that he was with PCH (Publisher's Clearing House) on the Police Departments' landline. The individual stated that she just received a call from an automated message and they had transferred her to him. Chief Katie informed the individual that she did not receive any automated calls and he was the first person to call her. The male continued to argue with Chief Katie on this. Chief Katie then ended the call with the male stating they called a Police Department and knew they were a scam.

The Foley Police also shared that PCH does not call you, you do not have to spend money to win money through them, and never give out bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, or credit card numbers to people who call. A rule of thumb, if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

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Well, I actually got one of these calls myself. It happened in the evening, a number called me that showed on my phone as "No Caller ID Available". I picked up hoping it was a call I was actually expecting.

I answered and it was a person asking me in broken English if I recalled signing up to in from Publishers Clearing House a couple of years ago. I told them I never have signed up for anything with that organization. They paused for a few seconds, thinking through their next sentence carefully, and said: "oh, well I have good news for you you did and you won". I responded saying I never had, and this sounded like a scam call. They asked me what I thought a scam was and I told them, "it's a call where someone is trying to get sensitive information from me to manipulate me to their benefit."

They paused for a couple of seconds again and said "so you do not want to give me your information to claim this prize." I obviously said no and abruptly hung up.

Be aware that this scam is happening around the area, and can be very dangerous if you share your account numbers or sensitive information with these people. Be alert, and like the Foley PD said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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