You might be a little apprehensive about traveling and going on vacations lately...and that's totally understandable considering the pandemic we're facing. But, these prices are so incredibly difficult to pass up.

Did you know that you can fly from Minneapolis to Las Vegas for $49? I couldn't believe it when I saw it. How can you not afford to go on a vacation when it's that cheap?

The website Kayak helps you book the cheapest flights available. If you choose to fly Sun Country Air, you can get a flight for $51, Spirit will run you $52. The flight dates are for August.

This lead me down a dangerous rabbit hole of searching for other cheap destinations. If Las Vegas isn't your scene, perhaps you might want to take a vacation to one of these other cheap destinations featured on the site SkyScanner.

  • Denver, CO $40
  • Washington DC $45
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL $53
  • Los Angeles, CA $53
  • Charlotte, NC $57
  • Dallas, TX $65
  • Orlando, FL $65
  • Chicago, IL $75
  • Nashville, TN $84
  • San Diego, CA $84
  • Tampa, FL $85

See, I told you, you can't afford to not take a vacation somewhere this summer. Many attractions might be closed, but the beach isn't. Pina coladas are still a thing. For both of those reasons, I'm totally down to take advantage of these prices.

Now, I just need to go and shop for a cute bathing suit...It's definitely weird that the suit I plan to buy for vacation could potentially be more expensive than my flight there.

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