ST. CLOUD - Did you forget to make that liquor store stop on Saturday? A week ago you would have been out of luck or worse yet, have to drive to Wisconsin. Those problems are now in the past with Minnesota legalizing Sunday liquor sales.

July 2nd, 2017 is the first Sunday since 1858 that Minnesotan's could legally make purchases from a liquor store.


If you drove around town Sunday you would have seen people walking out of liquor stores making their purchases for the upcoming week. Ben Morris and his family were a part of the many who made their way to the Cashwise Liquor off 1st Avenue in St. Cloud. He says part of making it to the store today was just for the novelty of buying beer on a Sunday.

"You know it's the first Sunday you can buy beer, so I said why not?"

The debate over whether or not Minnesota should legalize Sunday sales was a long and drawn out battle. Morris, like many others, says that legalizing was the right decision.

"To me it seems like an old rule that we really don't need to have on the books anymore. You can buy anything else on Sundays so why not beer."

Cashwise and Coburns Liquor stores were open for the inaugural day of Sunday liquor sales, some other stores around town decided to remained closed.


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