WILLMAR (WJON News) -- A Willmar woman was arrested for allegedly trying to burn down several government and healthcare buildings.

A police officer was on patrol on Sunday morning when they discovered what appeared to be an attempt to set fire to the front doorway of the Willmar Fire Station.

Additional officers checked the area and found similar apparent attempts at the CentraCare Lakeland Clinic, CentraCare Main Clinic, the Kandiyohi County Courthouse, Willmar City Offices, and a dental office.

Each location appeared to have had an attempt to set fire, including using flammable liquids and other items, however, they didn't find any active fires or fire damage.

Items left at the crime scenes led officers to a nearby convenience store where they found a video of the suspect and vehicle.

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Arrested was a 58-year-old Willmar woman who has a recent history of mental health issues and disputes with local government agencies and healthcare services.  She was brought to CentraCare Hospital for a mental health evaluation and booked into the Kandiyohi County Jail.

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