Do you remember holidays with your Grandparents? I sure do. I remember my Grandpa Harry and Grandma Irene, (who I lovingly called "Gramma Reen,) coming over to our house on Christmas Eve every year. They would sit on the couch and watch my little brother and me unwrap presents. I remember the smiles on their faces and jumping up into their arms or lap for a hug.  I couldn't imagine my world without them in it during the holidays. I loved to watch them unwrap gifts from us too, because of the excitement and joy that I felt as a child, I was sure they felt as well.

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But it never occurred to me that as most people get older, they really have fewer and fewer people come to visit them. Perhaps their own children have passed away.  By the time they are Seniors, the things they used to do, with the people they did them with, are now gone. Their neighborhoods where they live don't always even look like they did when they were younger and thriving, so they can feel out of place even in their own neighborhood and home.

Now more than ever, the isolation that comes with getting older, seems to feel extra hard on people during the holidays. Sometimes our Seniors almost feel guilty that they won't be going to anyone's holiday gathering, and it can make them feel even more alone.


That's why I thought this was such a great way to give back to our seniors.  Since 2003, a program called  "Be A Santa To A Senior" has been collecting donated gifts for seniors, making their holiday brighter.

In the last two years, the program has transformed into a hands-off, easy delivery format. You can go to the BASTAS website, type in your zip code, and find the location where you can see a name of a senior in your area, and what they would like for Christmas. You can order their gift or gifts right through the site from, and Amazon will take care of the delivery to the senior you picked.  You might decide that you want to give to multiple seniors. You can do that too!  It's a fun and easy way to make someone's holiday more joyous.


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