I've thought about creating this myself many a time. Especially when I had Sampson. Big dogs mean big poo....and heaven forbid they should get sick in the house. So why hasn't this invention been created until now?

I'm not asking any questions. It's time for the "Beetl". It's the robot that hunts down dog poop and scoops it up for you.

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The robot moves around your yard like Roomba moves around your living room; looking for poo instead of dirt.

It contains the poo in a handy disposable bag, so it's easy to empty when you're ready.


I haven't found out the answer to these questions yet. Does this little poop eating robot come in different sizes? How much poo can it hold before you need to dump it?

If you'd like to learn more, just click HERE now to see a video in action.


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