If you are heading to the Twin Cities this weekend you might want to keep your head on a swivel. Two actors with Minnesota ties are filming a murder mystery this week in St. Paul, and it's based on a Minnesota-written book. One of the actors even took time to post to social media about filming back in Minnesota.


So thrilled to be making a film back in my hometown surrounded by family. A first for me. A lot of good folks put in years of work to get a tax credit to bring productions to MN. The 'Sota is absolutely loaded with talent and promise. So inspiring. Looking forward to sharing this one with you all.

In-town filming for what is being called "Unholy Communion", was Vincent Kartheiser and Adam Bartley. Filming began on Monday according to both the Pioneer Press and Minnesota Film & TV on social media.

"Filming began Monday in St. Paul on 'Unholy Communion,' a murder mystery based on the book of the same name by Scandia author Thomas Rumreich.

"The film stars Vincent Kartheiser ('Mad Men,' 'Another Day in Paradise') and Adam Bartley ('Longmire,' 'NCIS: Los Angeles') — both native Minnesotans — and features a largely local cast and crew who spent Monday shooting at Keenan's Bar and Grill "620 Club" on West 7th Street."
Other than what is being filmed at Keenan's, it doesn't appear there are many more details on where else the film crew might show up.

The book, 'Unholy Communion' is a fictional tale about a Washington County investigator dealing with the 'horrific' murder of a retired priest. You can read the full description by heading here.

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Based on what I read of the description this might be a pretty good movie, and it would be a nice change to recognize a few places that were filmed.

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