Is that a pig in your backyard or WHOA WHY IS IT ATTACKING ME?!

The Bacon Strikes Back.

Back in the pre-COVID days - does anybody actually remember them? - a drift of pigs managed to Shawshank their way out of a farm in Northwestern Minnesota. One little piggy went to West Valley Wildlife Management Area and birthed a litter of littler piggies. Those piggies starting tearing up the landscape and causing a swine ruckus.

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Remember in 2020 - *shudder* - when "gallows humor" went mainstream as a way to cope with the copious crap going on?

I didn't have "feral pigs invade Minnesota" on my 2023 bingo card.

Pigs of the feral variety cause problems with forests, agriculture, and wildlife. The behaviors that we think are freaking adorable in the safe swine confines of a farm will mess up the outside world. They damage crops and their presence causes competition for food and dwellings with native wildlife.

The fact that they reproduce like rabbits makes it worse. They're not even native to the United States (thanks, Europe!).

And then there are the Canadian Super Pigs.


Big Pig
We had a good run (Getty Images)

Domestic pigs have been hanky panky-ing with wild boars to create "super pigs". These future additions to the MCU have the ability to adapt to the Canadian wilderness while maintaining the libido of This Old Farm pigs that just oink, eat, and $&#@ every day.

So we (Minnesotans) can't just feel safe behind our frigid winters because these passels of hogs aren't concerned about chilly weather.

What To Do When The Pigs Fly Onto Your Property

Currently, your best bet is to call the Minnesota DNR (or the DNR in your home state).

Uh...good luck!


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