Hand sanitizers.  This is something we have all gotten fairly well acquainted with in the last few months.  I mean, hand sanitizer has been around for quite awhile, but it's only been lately that it's become a staple item basically everywhere you go.  There have been travel guidelines that are suggesting washing your hands often (duh) and also have some hand sanitizer with you that is at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

But apparently, not all hand sanitizers are created equal.  The FDA has just come out with an alert stating that there are some hand sanitizers that could potentially be toxic.

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Fun fact (not really such a FUN fact) methanol and ethanol alcohol sound much the same, but the big difference is that methanol can actually be toxic if absorbed by the body.  And some of these products had really high levels of methanol in them.  Here is a list of sanitizers that you should avoid:

And I'll be honest with this one... I have not heard of most of these.  Maybe I just haven't been paying attention?  But the ones I have seen are either from Bath and Body Works or the basic ones like Purell, GermX, and Equate.  Hope those are ok, cuz that's what I've been using, and also what I see 90% of people using.  Just be aware...

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