ST. CLOUD - Farmers markets around Central Minnesota are featuring more and more hand made goods to go along with all the locally grown and raised food.

Sweet corn, fresh vegetables, and organic meats are staples of the local farmers markets. But more people are making their way to local markets because of the quality and locally sourced homemade goods. With the extra people comes a growing market and increasing demand for locally made goods.


Lynda Evans brings her homemade soaps to the St. Cloud Farmers Market. She says that people's growing desire for quality products are helping vendors like her.

"I think more and more people are leaning to natural products."

Not only are vendors who sell soaps and lotions doing well, but artists like Zoe Back are finding the farmers market as a great place to sell and showcase their talents.

"I think every week, I am selling at least one print if not multiples. It is exciting for me as an artist."

The next time you are in the market for soap, lotion or looking for a new piece of artwork remember that your local farmers market may be an option.

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