This week's weather is going to give us a taste of fall across Central Minnesota, with high temperatures forecast to to be in the 70s through Thursday.

In addition to cooler high temps, dew points are expected to drop, along with cool low temperatures near 50°. The average high temperature for Saint Cloud for the first week of August is 81°.

Sunday, August 2nd Forecast Highs

  • St. Cloud: 73°
  • Little Falls: 72°
  • Princeton: 72°

Monday, August 3rd Forecast Highs

  • St. Cloud: 73°
  • Little Falls: 73°
  • Princeton: 73°

Tuesday, August 4th Forecast Highs

  • St. Cloud: 75°
  • Little Falls: 74°
  • Princeton: 75°

Wednesday, August 5th Forecast Highs

  • St. Cloud: 77°
  • Little Falls: 76°
  • Princeton: 77°

Thursday, August 6th Forecast Highs

  • St. Cloud: 78°
  • Little Falls: 77°
  • Princeton: 78°

Friday, August 7th Forecast Highs

  • St. Cloud: 82°
  • Little Falls: 80°
  • Princeton: 82°

The forecast looks sunny and dry through Wednesday, with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms creeping into the forecast last Wednesday night and Thursday..

From the National Weather Service this morning: Precipitation could linger into Sunday before we eventually clear out. Temperatures will also drop after the frontal passage with early next week's highs in the mid-70s.

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