It's an old joke: "Hey! You've gotta face for radio!"

If you don't get it, there's no helping you. Radio is an audio medium, so the joke implies that we're so ugly (HOW UGLY ARE YOU?) that we have to work in radio instead of television.


But when somebody asks us if we think we have a face for radio, only a quarter of radio jocks think they do. The rest don't have mirrors.

Dressing Table

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I can get a job in television (Getty Images)

In all (kinda) seriousness, I know plenty of good-looking radio jocks...and I hate them all.

Another question that radio jocks (not me, though) were finally asked: why do you work in radio?


My answer: after 20+ years of doing it, it's all I really know how to do to make a living.

Other fellow weirdos' answers, and the percentage of DJs that agreed (as well as my answer):

-It's fun! (80% and yes, it's fun)
-I love entertaining people! (73% and yes, I do)
-It fulfills my emotional needs (57% and not exactly)
-It's all I know how to do (50% and see above)

A whopping 1% of jocks polled do it for the hookups (sex). Radio isn't as sexy as it used to's like Radio has a face for radio!

I'll show myself out...

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