We can't possibly have anything nice because we always drown it in alcohol, and you can now go to prison for drinking and droning.

New Jersey state lawmakers -- in a rare bipartisan showing -- unanimously approved a bill that will punish operating a drone while drunk or high with a $1000 fine and up to six months in prison. PRISON.

In Newgate Jail
That's the last time we make a Facebook event for a drone party! (Getty Images)

The need for this kind of legislation is because idiots are gettin' swerved and flying their drones into airplanes and getting in the way of firefighters.

If you knowingly use a drone to endanger someone's life and/or property, mess with wildlife, or compromise a prison's security, you could go to said prison for 18 months and face a $10,000 fine.

Some might think this is government overreach; but honestly, if we're too stupid to not fly drones into freaking aircraft, then it's kind of needed.

Right now, it's only New Jersey with legislation on drunk droning. But we all know that if one state passes it, others will follow.

Clerkenwell Bombing
And then some genius will use a drone to break his drone buddies out of prison. (Getty Images)

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