There's a guy on Tiktok that got nearly 1 million views for his reenactment of a Minnesota Vikings game call from 2003 when the Vikings were kept out of the playoffs by the Cardinals. His take on the call is priceless.  Between his facial expressions and his spot-on lip-syncing, the video is hilarious.

His name is Jakob Berger and he's a 22 year old from Dallas, Texas.  He started out mimicking the announcers on the Madden Football video game.  He got the idea that it would be funny if you could see the announcers faces while they were making a call.

He was right and he soon found that lots of other people thought it was funny as well. His videos for the Madden game had done really well, but then he decided to try it with the real-world announcers.  And that's when he chose the Vikings game from 2003.

@jbergsportsNOOO!! NOOO!! #nfl #football #nflfootball #nflplayoffs #fypシ♬ original sound - Dogg

He told FanNation online that he describes his viral announcer videos as, "funny and exaggerated reenactments."

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Another Vikings game reenactment was for the 2016 game against the Seattle Seahawks when Blair Walsh missed a 27 yard field goal.  Thanks to Jakob we can actually laugh at this for once.

@jbergsports Vikings have the worst luck ever😭 #nfl #football #nflfootball #nflplayoffs #fypシ ♬ original sound - user15902185037

It's not always easy to be a Vikings fan, but at least this makes it a little easier to laugh at these torturous outcomes.

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