Even bears are ready to get out of quarantine and grab a bite to eat at a restaurant.

This bear was spotted outside Noodles& Company at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth this week. Katie Altrichter Kaz posted on Facebook saying:

Miller Hill Mall's new mascot. - I've named him Noodles.
(Just chillin' outside Noodles & Co at our main entrance last night (May 6th) at 3am).

Noodles the bear was spotted by a Miller Hill Mall security officer Ryan Carlson as he was on the job. I'm sure that keeps the job exciting at a time when malls are empty due to the Stay at Home Order.

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Bears aren't uncommon to see in greater Minnesota, but seeing one outside of a mall restaurant is a bit strange and out of place. It has been really interesting to see how nature is coming back into the human world. Jellyfish were seen in the Venice Canals for the first time in a long time, deer have been grazing not far from The White House, cows were spotted on a beach in France.

With people staying home the animals get to roam. And can we appreciate that this bear has great taste in food? Noodles & Company sounds awesome right now. I wonder if they would be willing to let him do takeout? 😂

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