I am one of those people who states that "I only like white, sweet wines".  Apparently that is not necessarily the case.

Let's expand your palate.  This is me speaking to myself.  I need to expand my taste in wines and some foods, too.  This is a great way to do just that.  This wine pairing/tasting dinner is a great place to try some wines that you may not have tried in the past, or thought you didn't like that type, and see how well they pair with certain foods.  Some of the combinations seemed odd- like the chicken and waffles combo with a particular wine. But, the wine and this course worked together perfectly.  More explanation on that coming up.

This event happens once a month - the first Wednesday of the month at Bello Cucina Italian Steakhouse in St. Joseph.  There are 40 tickets sold to each event, and they traditionally go on sale the month prior.  They are only available online, and they do sell out quickly.  If you are interested in participating in one or more of these monthly events, I suggest you keep an eye out, and grab some of these coveted tickets as soon as they go on sale.

The tickets for the next event in April went on sale this week.  And they are already sold out, or are close to being sold out.  So, the next one would be in May.  We were sitting by another couple who said that they have been to 15 of these events and have never been disappointed.  Always five courses, paired with a different wine.  The wine pairings are explained as to how and why they pair well with whatever course is being served.

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I will admit that the chicken and waffle course with the chardonnay seemed odd.  Especially since the waffle wasn't savory like you would normally experience.  It was a sweet waffle.  But the dry wine was exactly what the dish needed.  It was perfect.  The red wine that was paired with the salmon seemed odd as well.  But that one worked perfectly too.  It's a great way to taste how different dishes will pair with a wine that you may have overlooked prior to this.

If you think you would enjoy an event like this one, get your tickets here on the Bello Cucina website.  They usually announce the next event and when the tickets are on sale through a post on their social media page as well as a reminder.  


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