We know there will be plenty of cheeseburgers being eaten today. Plenty of corned beef and cabbage; but what about all the small fun wins? There are a lot of area locations you can celebrate with something that represents St. Patrick's Day.


My son reminds me on the first of March every year, that he needs to go to McDonald's so he can have a Shamrock Shake. All month long, he's enjoying green shakes for celebrating the holiday; but there are other places you can go as well, to do the same kind of celebrating for the holiday.

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I would love to try these! Insomnia cookies has an Irish Potato Cookie you can try. I know that potato's and cookies don't necessarily sound like they go together; but if you told me you were making me a potato chip cookie, I'd be all in.


I'm not sure if Starbucks celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a specific drink, bu they definitely have enough green drinks that you could definitely use for your holiday celebration. Try the Pineapple Matcha, or maybe a Kiwi Starfruit refresher, or just a delicious good for you green tea. Maybe you want to try a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold brew.... Yum!


Wendy's is inviting you to enjoy free pub fries through March 28th if you download their app. Nice Wendy's. Nice.


Even Chuck E Cheese is celebrating in the month of March. If you go on a Wednesday, you can get the "All You Can Play" special for $14.99.

Whatever you do today...enjoy today and everyday. I bought an egg shaped cookie cutter to make my kids Easter egg cookies.


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