When you are talking desserts, few things in life are better than a delicious, decadent piece of cake, right?  You can never go wrong with a piece of cake; especially a cake that is created to do good things for our community. Kindness Cake is the BEST kind of cake, because it's totally created to help non profit organizations in our community that make a difference in our communities.

This month, Jule's Bistro in downtown St. Cloud has created "The St Cloud Pride" cake; a cake that is all inclusive.

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Jule's Bistro's bakers wanted to create a cake that was all-inclusive. This beautiful cake  is gluten free and vegan, so anyone can enjoy the cake. If you love chocolate and mint, you will definitely want to try it. Made with real mint leaves, this cake features a matcha-mint middle, chocolate sandwich cookies, and frosting in colors of the rainbow. The colors of the cake were created using plant based superfood powders.


When you purchase a slice of this cake for $20, $13 of it are set aside to go to the work of St. Cloud Pride. You can also purchase a whole cake for $136 if you wish, and over $83 of support will be created for St. Cloud Pride.


St. Cloud Pride is an organization that works to create a safer community for everyone. If you want to learn more about the work done by St. Cloud Pride, you can click HERE now.

St. Cloud Pride's major focus is to provide education, resources and event opportunities to those people who need it.


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