Not sure where to file this one.

"What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"
"How Awesome is This?"
"Go, Science!"

Could you imagine becoming kinda-sorta immortal by way of becoming a robot?

Could I become R2D2? (Getty Images)

Mad scientists from Sweden (they're not just IKEA and bikini teams!) are building robots/androids that are -- by way of artificial intelligence -- a "copy" of a person.

A "fully conscious" copy.

Uncle Jethro?! (Getty Images)

Crazy? It gets crazier.

Swedish scientists are looking for volunteers right now. If you're reading this, they don't want you.

They want your dead relatives.

They'll study them and then use artificial intelligence to "reconstruct their voices, allowing them to communicate."

Just think: you'll never get away from Mother-in-law!


Death is only the beginning... (Getty Images)

H/T: Daily Mail