UNDATED (WJON News) -- The race for Senate District 13 features Democratic Challenger Alissa Brickman of Sauk Rapids against Incumbent Republican Jeff Howe from Rockville.

Brickman says this is her first run at public office. She decided to run because she has a trans daughter and she's concerned about trans people's future.

On the topic of crime, Brickman believes in fully funding public safety, which includes mental health training.

We also need to have good training for them for different situations.  I have two kids with special needs.  Autism is something I hold dear to my heart, and all disabilities actually.

Howe says the police are catching the criminals, but too many of them are repeat offenders.

What we need to do is really look at our sentencing guidelines, and we need to put pressure on the prosecutors and the judges and make their records public so people know that.

As for the state's budget surplus, Howe says he wants to eliminate the tax on Social Security. He says he'd also use some of the money on public safety and on making public school funding more equal across all districts.

Brickman says she'd like to use the surplus to fully fund special needs programs in schools, and also on infrastructure like high-speed internet in rural areas of the state.

On the topic of the workforce shortage in the state, Brickman says we need to look at raising the sub-minimum wage paid to disabled people.

It's $3.48 an hour to do work, and those jobs they can't have too many hours, or their government assistance is taken away.

Brickman says she also believes in driver's licenses for everyone and finding a path to citizenship for people who are here illegally, so they can join the workforce.

Howe says it is the state's high tax rate that is preventing us from recruiting workers to move here.

Some of the workforce problems we have to me are, why would you come here when we're one of the highest tax states in the country?

Howe says allowing 16 and 17 year olds to work on construction sites would also help that industry.

As for the subject of recreational marijuana, Brickman supports it and says it's safer than alcohol.

Howe says he doesn't see it happening any time soon. He also says he wishes the THC law that passed earlier this year was a mistake and should have never been approved.

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