I always think it's cool when you get to see and interact with celebrities out in the "wild".  If you are a fan of said celebrity, it's something unusual, and also (hopefully) a great experience that leaves you with a great memory.  Especially when it's unexpected.

This past weekend, pop artist Ed Sheeran was performing at US Bank Stadium for his "Mathmatics" tour.  While he was in the metro area, he also visited the Mall of America.  People just shopping at th store got a surprise when Sheeran waited on them.  He even signed some of the Lego sets that people were buying.

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After his "shift" he ventured out into the mall area and sang a few songs for a group of people that had started to gather around the store entrance.

If you are an Ed Sheeran fan, this would be an amazing experience, and even if you aren't a fan, it's still pretty cool.

Lately, we have seen a handful of celebrities out and enjoying what Minnesota has to offer.  The Mall of America is a little more touristy, Even though it has been on a few lists that say it's "one of the worst tourist attractions".  Whatever. It's still a tourist attraction.  I'm not exactly sure why, however.  It's just a huge mall with an amusement park in the middle.  But to each their own.  It's still cool.

By the way, Ed Sheeran's concert set an attendance record at US Bank stadium.

Sheeran's show drew 72,102 people, which is the all-time concert attendance record, according to the stadium. This was Sheeran's first time playing in Minnesota since 2018.

He also performed at State Theatre the night before the show at US Bank Stadium.

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