Fall is my favorite season, but I never wish summer away -- because I am well aware of what comes after fall. It's not that I'm a winter hater; quite the opposite, but it's just too long for my liking.

Take a month off winter and add it on to my summer, and Minnesota's seasons would be perfect for me.

After setting a new record for the snowiest October on record, and temps well below average -- it appears we'll be starting November off on a warm note.

After spending the last 10 days in a winter preview, we begin a gradual warmup today, which will culminate in highs back in the 50s and 60s by the middle of next week. Outside of some light snow into central Minnesota Thursday night, the next week looks dry.

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In fact, starting Thursday there's not a high temperature of fifty or above in St. Cloud for as far as the eye can see.

High Temps for Monday

  • St. Cloud:  47°
  • Little Falls:  45°
  • Princeton:  47°

High Temps for Tuesday

  • St. Cloud:  56°
  • Little Falls:  54°
  • Princeton:  57°

High Temps for Wednesday

  • St. Cloud:  56°
  • Little Falls:  54°
  • Princeton:  57°

High Temps for Thursday

  • St. Cloud:  52°
  • Little Falls:  50°
  • Princeton:  52°

High Temps for Friday

  • St. Cloud:  51°
  • Little Falls:  50°
  • Princeton:  53°

The warmer pattern looks to continue through next week. Daylight saving time ends this Sunday morning, so remember to 'fall back.' The good news? The days start getting longer again in about 50 days.

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