Sooner or later (usually sooner), your kid(s) will ask for a cell phone. They probably have their eyes on the latest iPhone, or maybe Samsung's latest offering that hopefully doesn't explode.

One thing they have in common: they're smartphones. Calling is secondary to apps and web surfing. So what to do if you're not yet ready for the kids to be cruising the misinformation ultra highway?

Get 'em a dumb phone!

It's called the Light Phone 2, and it's a throwback to the cell phones of yesterdecade that were used for calls, texts, alarm clocks...and that's it.

The innovation is in its simplicity (pffffffffffffft). And it can (eventually) be yours!

The phone is part of an Indiegogo fundraiser, which is nearly up to $1 million (original goal: $250,000). The stripped-down phone is just $250...and doesn't ship until April...2019.

H/T: Huffington Post

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