This whitetail deer in Duluth is braver than my dog is. A mail carrier in Duluth was doing her normal route when she was blocked by an unusual suspect.

Fanjie Nelson was the mail carrier that ran into the deer on the homeowner's sidewalk in what appeared to be a pretty busy part of town.

The deer was very curious, sniffing the letters that Nelson had to deliver, and almost seemed to be guarding the home as Nelson did her best to walk up to the porch to drop it off. Every step Nelson would take, the deer would take one too, blocking the path.

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Nelson luckily recorded the interaction of her chatting with the deer and politely asking it to move so she could do her job. It was super sweet and wholesome, you can see it for yourself below.

We should make sure Fanjie Nelson isn't a Disney princess because the way she interacted with this deer screams "Disney princess". This video totally made my week!

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