Do you have an older home that has drafty windows? Did someone tell you to replace them with cheaper new windows? Stop! Don't do it. Maintain the historical value of your home. There will be a workshop that teaches homeowners and property owners about wood door and window restoration at the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum in Little Falls on Saturday, August 22nd.


You can join my friend, local building specialist, Eric Cheever, for an informative workshop covering the basics of wood door and window repair. Eric plans on teaching you:

  • How to identify and manage rotted wood
  • How to fix cracks How to fix drafts
  • How to properly maintained old wood doors and windows so they are energy efficient.

You will also get tips on the best methods for weatherization. Eric is very passionate about old homes and buildings in our area, and has great advice to help you make these repairs and be eco friendly.

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This workshop provides an excellent overview for anyone who cares about older buildings with original doors and windows.


General admission is $30. Heritage Preservation Commission members and Morrison County Historical Society members are invited to attend at a discounted rate of $25.

If you'd like more information, you can contact:

Ann Marie Johnson
Rethos: Places Reimagined
(320) 632-4007

This class is sponsored by Rethos; a nonprofit organization that leads and inspires people to connect to valued places in their communities. To register for the class, you can click HERE now.

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