Yikes! We know the band Panic! At the Disco doesn't really give us reasons to panic, but had to believe a few actually panicked a little bit last night in St. Paul, when a fire started during their concert at the Xcel Energy Center as shared by many fans attending.

Twitterverse had plenty of angles for us to see what happened...with this particular one from Rust being one of the closer looks at what happened.

The band is out right now on their

Viva Las Vengeance Tour

To promote their latest studio album with the same title "Viva Las Vengeance". The group kicked it off in Austin, Texas a week ago on September 8 and the American leg of the tour continues through October 25.

So far there are no other reports of a fire erupting on stage and hopefully that kind of "excitement" only happens once. Thankfully, a staff member put out the flames quickly, as shown in the different fan videos and it doesn't sound like anyone was injured. Here's @prettyoddissy's look from a little further away.

You can hear the crowd erupt even more when the fire heroically get puts out. Reports say it was a pyrotechnics machine that caused the fire and one can only hope they get it fixed before the group performs again tomorrow (September 26) in Wisconsin.

For those who didn't get to make the concert and you're curious what you would have seen at the XCEL @BriiMonster gives the best explanation in a tweet from a concert last week:

Still time to see them if you missed the Minnesota concert with the full list of dates to be found HERE.

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