There are some jobs that you couldn't pay me to do. Many of those jobs have to deal with heights. I can't handle being up higher than about 15 feet. So window washer, roofer, and I guess professional sports photographer are off my list of jobs I'd be willing to do if I needed a new one. You've got to check out this video from CBS Sports of a photographer walking along the scaffolding high above US Bank Stadium during a Vikings game!

AHHH! I got vertigo just watching the video!

While the video makes me squirm, some people will find it pretty cool. You can hear the SKOL chant in the background as the photographer walks along the catwalk.

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I have a couple of questions about what the photographer is doing in the scaffolding. What are they photographing? The crowd? A kick-off? Couldn't we use a drone or better yet, those old prize-dropping blimps to take an above-the-field photo?

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I'm sure there is a great photo or set of photos from high above the stadium, but rather than taking one myself, I'll just look for a buy the print, as this photographer has certainly earned their paycheck.

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Is there a job that you wouldn't even be able to do because of a phobia or fear? If you want, share that job with us on our FREE app, we would love to hear from you!

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