Have you noticed a connection with your child and animals of all kinds? Do they care for them so much that they can't stand it if a frog is hurt? Or a bird is injured? Is the sight of a cat or dog in pain too much for them to bear?

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Some kids really have a natural ability to want to help animals. If that's your child, a super exciting opportunity awaits them in October.

Companion's Animal Hospital, located at 2703 Clearwater Road in St. Cloud, is bringing back their Mini Vet School this October.



Mini Vet School is a four week hands on program for kids ages 12 to 15 years old, that gives young aspiring and possibly future veterinarians, a hands-on experience at life inside a veterinary hospital or clinic. Every Monday in the month of October, kids will learn through interactive activities, what it takes to prevent, diagnose, and treat animals with injuries and illnesses.  It's a great way for them to really get a good look at many different aspects of becoming a vet, whether it be dentistry, internal medicine or surgical operations.


The classes are offered for free on a first come first serve basis, and space is limited. If you think you would like your child to attend, you should call  320.252.6700 to get on the class list as soon as possible.

The classes will take place every Monday evening through the month of October, from 6-8 pm. Food will be provided for the kids every evening. The classes will be held at Companions Animal Hospital at 2703 Clearwater Road.

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