I think I learned about the Loch Ness Monster when I was in grade school. It was so intriguing. I mean, who doesn't want to believe that a huge mystical creature lives in the waters of Scotland and has never been captured on camera?

Well, Minnesota may have its own version of the monster living in Lake Pepin. The serpent is called Pepie and has been spotted by boaters and water enthusiasts for decades. According to Only In Your State, Pepie is friendly. You really don't have to worry about being harmed while enjoying your day at the lake. You might be spooked if you see it, but you won't be harmed.

The first documented sighting of Pepie was on April 28, 1871. According to Visit Lake City the sighting was featured in the Minnesota Historical Society's Book of Days Almanac.

Pepie is said to be nearly as long as the Loch Ness Monster, roughly 15-20 feet. It's kind of a wild theory that several skeptics think was crafted to attract tourists to the area. That could be true, but it still doesn't explain all of the eyewitness accounts over the years from people who say they've seen something huge in the water that they can't explain.

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According to the La Crosse Tribune, if you're looking to make some cash, all you need to do is 'hook, net or capture Pepie on film' to get a $50,000 reward.  Now, it'll have to be proven authentic and will be subject to an investigation by a University of Minnesota biologist for good measure. But, if it all checks out, you'll get a big reward and all the fame that follows.

Real or not, this legend is definitely fun to think about.

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