Minnesotans will be able to officially buy liquor on Sundays in Minnesota for the first time in 159 years. Sunday liquor sales have been illegal since prohibition and many Minnesotans think the law change is long overdue.

I'm glad we're making progress, but at the same time, does anyone else find it weird that fireworks are still illegal? I mean, can we at least enjoy them on the Fourth of July?!

America's birthday is supposed to be a celebration of our freedoms. But, the firework ban seems so hypocritical. I mean, we're going to limit our freedoms on the day that we're supposed to celebrating our freedom? I think fireworks should be legal in Minnesota, at least on the Fourth of July! I really haven't heard a very compelling argument against them. I'm not saying my mind can't be changed, but I definitely don't understand the thought process behind the ban. What do you think, Minnesota? Should fireworks be legal in our great state?


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