The Minnesota State Legislature is considering a bill that would eliminate school snow days and replace them with "e-learning days."

Students would be required to do their school work and follow along with online lectures from a laptop or tablet provided by the school. The school would also provide internet access to students who don't have it. Schools would be allowed to play up to five "e-learning days" a year.

I have a HUGE problem with this for a few reasons. The first reason is that, snow days are fun. Some of my best memories were made when school was canceled due to the weather. There's nothing better than getting the neighbor kids together and just being kids for awhile. I think kids now-a-days grow up way too fast. Give them a break. Honestly. Snow days are a Minnesota right of passage.


Second, you don't know every student's situation. I know from personal experience that my parents still had to go to work on days when school was canceled. As the oldest child, I was responsible for babysitting my FOUR younger siblings.That was no small task. I can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like if I was also required to do school work on top of that. There's no way it would have ever happened. I would have had a nervous breakdown.

Third, students have to make up snow days in the summer anyway. So, it's not like snow days are just these free vacation days. I'm so tired of lawmakers and politicians taking the fun out of school.

Alright, I'm going to get off of my soapbox. Maybe there's something I'm missing here. What do you think about the proposal?

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