The Minnesota DNR says that fall colors are going to be pretty awesome this year! The main reason is because of all of the sunlight and rain we've been getting.  The beautiful change in color is due to each leaf's own chemistry--chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins and tannis. The DNR says the chemistry determines the color.

Chlorophyll is responsible for the green color we see, carotenoids make up the yellow and oranges, anthocyanins produce the reds and purples and tannis makes the leaves turn brown.

Last year at this time some parts of our state were already experiencing fall color change. This year we're off to a slower start, but there should be a big payoff!

Parts of central Minnesota and southern Minnesota are already experiencing about 10 to 25 percent of their fall color change. The DNR has a really neat website that updates the peak fall color change across the state.

St. Cloud's peak fall color season will happen toward the end of September into the beginning of October.

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