#1: Having weekend plans cancelled early due to bad weather, and then that weather never happening.

This happens way too often. Rescheduling is a nightmare.

#2: Getting to Coborn's on Penny Pincher week where Heggies pizzas are on sale, but all the 6 Pack ones are gone.

Every. Dang. Time.

#3: You got to the meat raffle at your favorite bar just as the last tickets for the last game were sold.

No greater loss than a missed meat raffle.

#4: When you do the one finger driving salute while going through a small town and the other driver doesn't do it back.


#5: Forgetting a can of pop in your car overnight in the middle of winter.

Have fun with that sticky steering wheel.


#6: Going on vacation out of state and realizing you'll be without Caribou Coffee for a decent amount of time.

Why isn't Caribou a nation wide thing yet?

#7: You grab the ranch dressing from the fridge and the last person barely left you enough to cover your pizza with.

Also rude.

#8: When your phone lights up and you think you got a text, but it's really just another severe weather warning.

This happens way too often.

#9: Thinking you're making really good time and just as the thought finishes you have to slow down for a road construction project.

Traffic cones are the new state tree.

#10: Every Vikings and Wild season ever.

I don't want to talk about it.

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