Not sure if you saw this over the weekend or not, but Saint Cloud, known for having Superman, had another person making waves by walking around right off of Division Street. A video posted to social media on Saturday night showed a person dressed up like Michael Myers wandering along Division Street.

The post by Rashel Guy on Facebook states;

Crazy things you see at night on division street. I'm at work rn and went out for a smoke and this guy is walking down division street in his Micheal Meyers costume. Dude must be bored out of his mind 😵‍💫


Michael is back in the headlines for other reasons, as what is described as the final chapter of the Halloween franchise,  Halloween Ends, has been released to screens of various sizes which includes streaming services.

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I know it's getting closer to Halloween, but it is kind of creepy seeing someone all dressed up with what looks like a machete in his hand walking slowly by businesses after dark.

I'm sure it was all done for fun, but it's also a good reminder to keep an eye out while driving around St. Cloud after dark for people out and about having some Halloween fun in masks, as it might be hard for them to see you looking out from behind the mask they have on.

A big shoutout to Rashel for letting me use the video that she took of Michael wandering around.

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