This past weekend you might have seen some pocket change sitting on top of headstones at your local cemetery. Your first thought might be, "That is strange, why would that be here?". Turns out there is a really cool meaning behind it.


If you see a penny sitting on top of a headstone it means someone stopped by to pay their respects. A nickle means that someone stopped by that trained at boot camp with the fallen soldier. If someone stopped by that served with the soldier, they leave a dime. And last but not least, if a quarter is left there, that means a visitor was there when the person died.

I used to work in a cemetery and I would see coins left all the time but I had no idea that this meaning was behind them! The money that is left gets collected and then used for upkeep of the cemetery. Did you see any coins this weekend when you were paying your respects? Let me know in the comments!

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