If your final wishes are to exit this world engulfed in flames in your beloved ship, I hate to break it to you but it can't happen in Minnesota. It actually can't happen anywhere in the United States.

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Lauren explains in the video that Viking funerals aren't allowed because when the flaming arrow is shot onto the boat or vessel, the fire doesn't get hot enough for long enough to fully cremate the body before the boat sinks. That of course opens the door for unwanted things to be floating in our bodies of water that shouldn't be.

Someone asked in the comments if it was OK to take cremated remains, put them on a tiny boat, and do a mini version of a Viking funeral that way. Lauren said that was OK and a "neat idea".

Minnesota doesn't have any regulations prohibiting the scattering of ashes on public property, including lakes. That being said, cremation professionals do suggest that you scatter ashes well away from places people will be swimming, fishing, or picnicking.

So if that die-hard Vikings fan in your life wants a Viking funeral, you might have to do some slight modifying to make it happen for them, but now you know!

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