Going to the movies in an actual movie theatre is starting to be almost a thing of the past.  There are movies (in my opinion) that really do need to be seen on the big screen with the surround sound and atmosphere.  I tend to put movies into those catagories; see in the theatre or wait until it's out on some streaming service.

Going to the theatre, there are just some things that you know ahead of time.  The concessions are going to be priced out of this world, but it's something we all know and mostly deal with. There is just something about movie theatre popcorn.  I know people who will just go to the theatre and purchase some popcorn to watch a movie at home.  Totally fine.

Speaking of that... there are some great deals at our Marcus Theatre location - Parkwood Cinema in Waite Park.

Did you know that once a month they have a Mystery Movie?  It's only $5 but the catch is that you have no idea what you are going to see.  You will know the rating of the movie, and they will also tell you if it's a horror flick or not.  Not everyone likes horror movies (I'm someone who doesn't), and the rating is there so you know if it's family friendly or not.  But other than that, you will have zero idea as to what the film will be.  You will have to keep checking their website for this deal.  This month, it was shown earlier this week.

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There is a Flashback Cinema series.  This is where you can watch movies that are classics.

Don't miss your chance to purchase a Flashback Cinema Passport, which entitles the passport holder to see 4 of the movies from the list below at any theatre hosting the series for just $20+ tax!

There is a great deal that includes a movie and brunch!  How perfect is that combo?  Well, there is just one drawback for this special.  It's only for Mother's Day, and it isn't available here in Waite Park.  It is available at the cinema in Oakdale.  But, if want to go there instead, or if your Mother lives closer to that theatre, that will work.

Spiderman Fan?  You can get a passport to watch ALL of the Spiderman movies for one low price.  Each Monday is a Spider-Monday, and you get a passport for just $30 and you will be able to see all the movies for that one price.  The movies will air each Monday through June 3rd, and it started earlier this month.  Oh- you also get a 20% discount on concessions during these showings if you are a rewards member.  Check their website for more information.  

Keep checking back for more promotions and specials at Parkwood Cinema throughout the year.  Might as well save some money whenever you can.

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