As I was scrolling through eBay this week I came across a listing that unlocked a childhood memory.

Seller "luckythecow" had put a Ty Beanie Bopper up for auction, but not just any Beanie Bopper, it was Cuddly Crystal from St. Cloud, Minnesota.

This adorable retired Beanie Bopper from Ty has been a part of a personal collection.  This is Cuddly Crystal of St Cloud Minnesota.  She has a birthday of May 29.  Her Favorite things are;  Reading her BBOC newsletter, joining clubs and collecting Beanie Babies.  She has long reddish brown yarn hair that is pulled back into a high ponytail and brown eyes.  Her tag is attached and has been in a protector.

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The Ty Beanie Bopper line of dolls debuted in 2001, and featured an initial line of six girl dolls. Beanie Boppers don't have poems on their ear tags like original Beanie Babies, but they had names, birthdays, hometowns, personalities, and other characteristics that were once listed on their own page at the Ty website. The line extended over the next few years, peaking at 59 different dolls, eventually retiring the line in 2004.

I vividly remember seeing this exact doll sitting on store shelves a child. I never owned her (my own personal Beanie Baby collection was cat-focused) but I remember reading her tag and thinking it was cool that she was from St. Cloud.

These dolls retailed for about $10, and if you are looking to purchase Cuddly Crystal in 2022 she will be about $15. A slight price increase, but nowhere near the value we all thought Ty brand products would have in the future. At this point, the real value is nostalgia.

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