I don't know how many times I left home for a night over at a girlfriends house, and came back with all my long curls cut off. My poor mother. She loved my hair long and it seems that I was always the one to volunteer at birthday parties to sign up for a trim from one of my many wanna be hairdresser friends...which by the way...I only know ONE of them that became a professional (That's YOU Barb Hakes).

I'm not sure WHOSE house we were at for this party.  Pictured above is one of my best friends Beth; looking like she absolutely can't wait to get into that wild hair of mine. Granted; I DID have a lot of hair; Guiness Book of World Records worthy thick. I guess my friends just matter what they did I had enough hair to go around the whole room with party scissors for a good couple hours.


I want to know; did YOU have hair cut parties? Or was I the only one BRAVE enough to sign up for that class? Send me your stories to

Photo by Kelly Cordes

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