For the record, I have ZERO idea if this video actually came from a Minnesota movie theater. It has been shared by a few people online, including a candidate running for Minnesota Attorney General but if this IS from Minnesota and it is TRUE, this has gone WAY too far!

An online video of a Snapchat sent recently shows what appears to be people sitting in a darkened movie theater when someone lights a firework and it blows up while people are sitting nearby! This is absolutely insane!

The video seems to have been initially shared on Twitter by a user, and from there it was picked up by Jim Schultz, who is running against Keith Ellison as the Republican nominee for Minnesota's Attorney General.

IF this is indeed from Minnesota, it follows on the heels of an incident in NE Minneapolis over the 4th of July where fireworks were being shot at police cars and people walking dogs.

According to the State Fire Marshall's office, online Minnesotans are allowed to possess and "use certain non-explosive and non-aerial consumer fireworks in Minnesota."

It's not clear what the type of firework used in this video was, but by the explosion, it looked to be a larger-sized one.

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