Dear St. Cloud drivers and those that drive through it, I have a favor to ask. Can we all agree, as a collective who traveling the same roads every day, to start using our blinkers more often?

I'm not one to get road-rage, but I am one to get upset when I get cut off by multiple cars not using their blinkers to change lanes, in a span of just a few miles. And watching cars bob and weave through traffic with no blinker makes me incredibly nervous.

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I never went through drivers education in St. Cloud, I'm sure the establishments that teach it do their absolute best to make sure students signal properly. But maybe what we are looking at is a situation like the game of golf. You tend to play to the level of the person you are golfing with, and if you drive with people on the roads who don't signal, that could rub off on your own driving.

I'm well aware no one is perfect, and we all slip up and forget to signal sometimes, myself included. But St. Cloud has an unfavorable reputation for bad drivers on their streets, and right now I'm vowing to be a safer, more signal-conscious driver. It's going to take all of us doing our part on this one.

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