Crocs have been a staple, a go-to "shoe" of dads for years. I know plenty of women who rock the crocs, too. They carry an undeserved stigma about them, but PSSSSSHT they're comfy!

And now, Crocs have upped their game. Behold: crocs with heels!

Crocs via Amazon

Don't hate me because I'm beatiful... (Crocs via Amazon)

They're real.

Am I making fun of Crocs with heels? HELL NO! I'm a dad! I'm looking at the practical side of them!

- Croc material (whatever it is) is durable and easily cleaned
- it's comfort with a built-in booty pop!
- that traction, tho


Thus far they're available in platinum/wild orchid and black. They're also so popular right now that they're ridiculously-priced (...right?) at $224.75 (as of 7/17/18).

$200+ for Crocs?! I thought Crocs were supposed to be a CHEAP alternative to expensive shoes!

If it's your thing (and within your budget), Crocs with heels could be the shoes you wear when you're going out to a nice dinner immediately after doing some yard work.

No judgments!

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