There is a new website that claims it will tell you whether or not someone has died in your home.  Call it sheer, morbid curiosity, I want to know if someone died in my house. However, I'm a bit of a skeptic, so I want to test this out and see if it's for real.

The website is called Died In House and I decided to give this a try. I did three separate homes which include my own in Monticello, my grandparents home in Minneapolis and my great grandparents home in Minneapolis.

Here are the results:



Google Maps

My House

I live in Monticello and according to the report there is no information on whether or not someone passed away in my home.  I never suspected anyone had  but you never know. It is a bit interesting to read the names of the people who used to live in the house or are associated with it. As you can see from the report, I do live there!



Google Maps

Grandma's House

My grandparents lived in Minneapolis and both passed away in the house. My grandpa passed in 1989 and my grandma in 2012. Based on the website's findings no one died in the house but it does show one owner as being deceased. At this point, I'm kind of skeptical of the information the website has -- I can understand them not having more recent information but I can't believe they don't have information on my grandpa's death.



Google Maps

Great Grandma's House

My great uncle is living there now but this house used to freak me out when I was a kid. It was so old looking and so big. I honestly thought it was haunted and it could be. However, the website reports that no one has passed away in the house, however it does show that one of the former owners has passed.



I'm going to be honest, I'm really disappointed.  I know people died in one of the houses and they don't have that information. I  realize this site is fairly new so maybe in the future it will be better. They are compiling new information on a regular basis and after 30 days I'm supposed to get a report on their findings as well as anything new they discover. If that happens, I'll pass that along, but at this point I think you might be better off saving your money and talking to your neighborhood gossip!